Summary: Advocacy

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We live in an extremely connected world, for better or for worse. Celebrities, politicians, and other types of influencers can communicate with their millions of followers in an instant. Their posts and messages can reach all continents and spread love, false information, or incite violence.

To help change polluting mentalities and reduce impacts worldwide, it’s crucial that the leaders of our societies use their influence the right way. Spreading reliable facts about the environmental crisis and encouraging action are 2 easy ways to affect positive change. Knowing what to share with the world can be tricky, but there are plenty of helpful resources at our disposal – including the ‘Shareables‘ sub-section.

For individuals, getting informed about the current crises by equipping ourselves with reliable facts is definitely a good and logical first step to reduce our impacts. Only then can we start making better choices as consumers, community members, and electors to help shape a sustainable future.