Summary: Industry


Industry was responsible for 24% of the world’s CO2 emissions in 2018 and accounts for 19% of global freshwater withdrawals, while industrial waste generation is over 17 times higher than municipal solid waste.

The iron & steel, cement, chemicals & petrochemicals industries are responsible for over 65% of industrial CO2 emissions. To align with the SDS, industry needs to reduce emissions on average by 1.2% per year until 2030, but that won’t be easy at our current production rate.

That being said, if we decrease energy and material demand by implementing the right policies, then we can easily reduce emissions. In addition, if we transition industry’s energy mix away from fossil fuels and toward a larger share of renewables, then we can easily reduce emissions. And if we do both – while making efficiency improvements here and there, then we should have no problem reducing emissions in the near future.