Solutions: Water


  • 5★ – Advocate for water related large-scale solutions.
  • 3★ – Avoid wasting water. Lower the flow rates in your household and opt for more efficient equipment. Check for leaks regularly and only run water-consuming machines when full.
  • 2★ – Avoid watering lawns. Native species should get all the water they need from the water cycle. All we have to do is grow native species instead of striving for golf green grass.
  • 1★ – Avoid buying products that consume/pollute loads of water during their life-cycle. For example, avoid non-native foods that require loads of irrigation or clothes that have polluted water bodies with chemicals. Unfortunately, there are many more examples.
  • Governments: Implement a water consumption tax that varies based on freshwater availability. This tax would increase significantly during droughts to discourage any non-essential water consumption. This solution would require a separate financial compensation scheme for low-income individuals to maintain water security.
  • Governments: Strengthen water leakage regulations. Incentivizing businesses to monitor and repair leaky water pipes can help reduce freshwater waste.
  • Governments: Implement international sharing agreements for freshwater. International agreements are the best way to supply basic freshwater necessities to individuals all over the world. Support mechanisms for countries experiencing freshwater insecurity can help reduce conflict.