Solutions: Pollution


  • Implement a carbon tax that increases over time.
  • Adopt the 3 Rs.
  • Improve temperature control.
  • Reduce passenger and freight transportation needs.
  • Reduce the food system’s emissions by producing/purchasing sustainable foods.
  • Become a more responsible company by prioritizing sustainable solutions and informing consumers of their purchases’ impacts.
  • Become a more responsible consumer by lowering your need for material possessions.
  • Reduce residential and commercial land use to slow down urban expansion.
  • Reduce waste and improve waste management.
  • Think of a product’s life-cycle impacts before purchasing it.
  • Think solutions through to make sure the environment won’t suffer long-term side effects.
  • Reduce the need for high-tech and replace it with more sustainable low-tech solutions.
  • Reduce the agricultural sector’s pollution to the environment with sustainable practices and eco-friendlier purchases.
  • Abandon the fast-fashion mentality.
  • Protect forests and other green eco-systems and help remediate those we have already damaged.
  • Reduce freshwater consumption, pollution, and waste.
  • Think about the dangers of pollution, for both natural environments and humans.
  • Provide higher-quality education to populations around the world, without discrimination.
  • Reduce the heavy industry’s emissions with efficiency advances, smarter purchases, or no purchases.
  • Use your wealth to help the environment, not to pollute it.
  • Use your influence to advocate for change and take action.
  • Beware of money-fueled climate change deniers and greenwashing.
  • Don’t lose hope, there’s no other option.