Solutions: Industry


  • Governments: Implement a carbon tax. Ideally, this would increase the costs of high-impact products due to higher production costs. A stronger carbon tax within the industrial sector can reduce emissions significantly due to the scale of operations.
  • Governments: Improve policies surrounding energy subsidies. Removing subsidies to the fossil fuel industry is essential, as is increasing subsidies to the renewable energy industry.
  • Governments: Strengthen production and disposal regulations for refrigerants. Containing refrigerant emissions during appliance disposal can significantly mitigate future global warming. Stronger manufacturing regulations can ensure that high-GHG refrigerants aren’t used in the first place.
  • Governments: Improve policies to incentivize industrial symbiosis and heat recovery. Through subsidies or taxes, governments can encourage businesses to recycle their industrial waste and/or heat to reduce resource extraction, emissions, and pollution.
  • Governments: Strengthen environmental regulations and monitoring for offshore manufacturers. Stronger regulations can reduce emissions, biodiversity loss, and overall pollution. Better monitoring can ensure local populations don’t have to choose between a clean environment or employment.