Shareables: Advocacy

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Deciding what to share online is a struggle, especially when trying to share reliable facts that stand out from the loads of crap on social media. Luckily, others have already made ready-to-share images that can help spread awareness of environmental issues – and their small-scale solutions.

The UNEP [United Nations Environment Programme] and UnSchool of Disruptive Design partnered on a project to encourage individuals to share powerful statistics and individualized solutions to spark change. The Anatomy of Action aims to inform individuals of their impacts by focusing on 5 sectors: food, stuff, move, money, and fun.

The ‘shareables’ below are just 2 of the many images prepared by The Anatomy of Action. Raising awareness of environmental issues with reliably sourced information has never been easier. While many of their individualized solutions won’t help affect meaningful change on their own, they can be useful for individuals that wish to reduce their personal impacts.