Strikes, protests, and other types of pacifist demonstrations can help individuals showcase what they’re most passionate about. Unlike surveys and petitions, demonstrations are all about getting the attention of large scale decision-makers, media, and other individuals by being as visible as possible in a short period of time.

That’s great when large demonstrations are taking place, since it feels like developed countries will have no choice but to listen to the millions of people in the streets. Unfortunately, the flip side of demonstrations is that they’re short lived, so the noise generated by these types of events usually dies down in a matter of days. It often feels like large scale decision-makers can just wait out the storm before going back to their same old routines.

To address that, it’s important for individuals to step up their game by attending and organizing as many demonstrations as possible. Combined with petitions and surveys, increasing the size and frequency of demonstrations can help environmental topics stay in the news for good – instead of just having them pop in and out every so often. That will make it harder for governments and companies to ignore the environmental crises.

CyclopediApp can’t tell you when demonstrations will be happening near you, but the following list of resources can help you figure that out on your own.