CyclopediApp Surveys


CyclopediApp surveys are short questionnaires that ask important questions. They could be about policies, business strategies, or any other type of large-scale solution. In essence, they help determine if individuals support or disapprove of a solution. If anyone needs a refresher on why that’s important, visit the Resources and the Economy section.

How it works
  1. We’ve made a bunch of surveys that are ready to be filled out below. Note that all surveys are anonymous.
  2. Once enough people have answered, we’ll publish the results to our social media platforms. The results will also be available in the Results sub-section.
  3. We’ll make sure to update the results as more and more people submit surveys.

That’s it! Check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds for the latest results.

Survey List
  1. Environmental education
  2. GDP and other indicators
  3. Fossil fuel policies
  4. Infinite growth
  5. Fossil fuel emissions
  6. Transition tools
  7. Rebound effect and fossil fuel shortages
  8. Single-use products
  9. Performance-based energy projects
  10. Cars in urban areas
  11. Food taxes and subsidies
  12. Energy consumption
  13. Land use conversion and urban densification
  14. Trash exports and circular economies
  15. LCA impacts
  16. Forestation projects
  17. Avoidable e-waste
  18. Sustainable farming practices
  19. Avoidable clothing waste
  20. Deforestation impacts and bans
  21. Water consumption
  22. Pollution loopholes
  23. Sex education, contraceptives, and feminine hygiene products
  24. Carbon offsets
  25. Sustainable manufacturing practices
  26. Blame and responsibility
  27. Large-scale solutions
  28. Labels and self-education
  29. Environmental action and impacts