“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


Hello there! Welcome to CyclopediApp. Here, we explore the numerous industries and habits that contribute to the environmental crisis, especially through climate change and biodiversity loss. CyclopediApp is meant to inform anyone of these issues, equip them with reliable facts, and suggest concrete solutions to the common question: “Well how can I possibly help the environment?” We will give overviews of each issue and how they impact the environment, and explore all that can be done by businesses, communities, cities, and countries around the world. While large-scale solutions are certainly the most important ones, we will also provide solutions for individuals that want to reduce the impacts of their everyday lives.

In the next version of CyclopediApp, you will be able to measure your progress as you explore the various issues and solutions – and contribute to change at the larger scales. CyclopediApp will also have multiple features that help individual voices reach large scale audiences, to allow you to easily affect meaningful change. This will be available soon.

As mentioned, CyclopediApp focuses on the major contributors of climate change and biodiversity loss. We’ll see why these matter in the intro.

We’ve broken down the polluting sectors of our societies into sections. The first few sections focus on laying the foundation, to make sure everyone can keep up when we get to the main sections. For each of these main sections, solutions to reduce impacts at all scales are listed. In addition, a summary is provided to help readers remember the most important topics discussed in each overview – without having to read the whole thing over again. The last few sections are bonus rounds, where condensed analyses will help readers retrieve important information and a few more solutions. We strongly recommend reading all sections in order.

One of CyclopediApp’s main goals is to provide reliable facts about the environmental crisis and its main contributors. However, we don’t just want you to take our word for it, so we’ve provided the source for each statistic we present – allowing you to take a look for yourself. We encourage you to challenge these figures with some research of your own. As you roam the internet, simply remember that statistics may differ by a few percentages depending on the source – but they should still be close enough to get the point across.

For this version of CyclopediApp, let us know if you find a reliable source that directly contradicts one of ours. Visit the Crowdsourcing tab for more information.